How to set up mediation

Follow these steps to set up mobile mediation.

Step 1. Add a mobile app

In the YAN interface, open the Mobile mediation tab and click Add mobile app. Enter the link to your app in the store and click Create mobile app.

The added app will appear in the list. On the same page, you can view the total number of requests and renderings, as well as the fill rate for all placements.

Step 2. Add a placement

Go to the list of the app's ad placements. To do this, click on the app in the list. On the page that opens, click Add placement. Enter the name and choose the format:

  • Banner — Placed over the app content, usually at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Interstitial ad — Covers all app content. Shown when the user requests information, before this information is provided (for example, when passing to the next level of a game).
  • Native ad — Designed to match the app content and looks like a part of it.
  • Rewarded video — Used for game monetization. The user receives a reward or game currency for watching a video. Specify what currency is used in your game and how much you are going to pay for viewing the video ad. In the Callback URL field, you can specify the link to the application backend to pass the currency information from the server to the user. This is an optional field.

Click Create placement. The list now shows the placement with a special ID. On the same page, you can view the number of requests and renderings, as well as the fill rate for the placement.

To configure a block for YAN, go to Products → Mobile RTB blocks and use the search function to find a block with the same name.

Step 3. Create ad blocks in external monetizers

In YAN, a block of the corresponding format is created automatically. It is available in Products → Mobile RTB blocks. If necessary, you can edit the settings.

Note. The Rewarded video format is not yet available in the YAN interface. In mobile mediation, you can use such ad blocks only from external demand platforms.

For each external demand platform you are going to connect (AdMob, Mopub, MyTarget or Facebook), you need to create an ad block in the demand platform's interface. Follow these instructions.

Step 4. Configure placement monetization
Choose the placement from the list to go to settings. On this page you can connect blocks for external demand platforms. Click Edit.
Note. The YAN block is connected automatically. The CPM threshold is taken from the settings.

To connect an ad block from an external demand platform, specify the ad block ID and the minimum CPM threshold for selecting ads. You can connect up to 10 AdMob blocks, and one block from other demand platforms.

Switch the demand platform status to Active. Don't forget to activate mediation on the applications page.

Step 5. Set up your app
  1. Integrate the recent version of the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK in your app according to the instructions (iOS/Android).
  2. Copy dependencies from the YAN interface to the app's build.gradle file. You can find the dependencies on the placements page by clicking SDK configuration.
  3. To integrate a placement in the SDK, contact your manager.