Configuring a banner

To edit added banners, go to the list of mobile RTB blocks (Products → RTB blocks), find the block you need and click Edit.

All configuration changes in the block take effect automatically (without resetting the app code) within 30 minutes after changes are saved.

Configuring Direct ad design

On the Direct design tab, you can change the visual design of Direct ads on a banner by specifying your own font and frame settings, as well as color settings with the help of a palette (click a color sample next to its 6 digit code). The display of advertisers' website icons and sitelinks can be enabled or disabled on the Formats tab. You can also enable or disable the display of illustrated Direct ads for all app blocks.

All configuration changes will be immediately visible in the test block.

Please keep in mind that the design of your ad block influences its CTR and, consequently, your site revenue.

Traffic management strategies

You can select a traffic management strategy on the Strategy tab. Read more about strategies.

Regional display settings

You can limit RTB ad display for app users from specific geographic regions on the Geography tab.

Select a region or regions in the tree of regions and specify the CPM threshold in rubles (excl. VAT) in the CPM field. Subregions inherit the CPM threshold from the top level region.

Customizing banner ad categories

Use the Themes tab to limit the display of banner ads of certain themes.

Select a category or categories in the tree of categories and specify the CPM threshold in rubles (excl. VAT) in the CPM field. Subcategories inherit the CPM threshold from the parent category.

If the category you need is not available in the list, please contact the support service.

Restrict the display of certain brands for banner ads

Use the Brands tab to limit the display of ads of certain brands (for example, competitor brands). This setting only works for banner ads provided by the Yandex banner ad system or external DSP systems. We receive the list of brands from our partner TNS Russia.

To add an advertiser or brand to the restrictions list, start typing the brand name in the entry field. Select the brand from the suggestions. Specify the CPM threshold in rubles (excl. VAT ) for the selected brand, or click Block.

If you did not find a particular brand in our list, please contact our Support service.

General app settings

Please note that all settings defined for an app function in mobile RTB blocks: