Advertising in mobile apps

The Yandex Advertising Network offers the following types of RTB blocks to place in mobile apps:

  • Banner is an advertising block that can display Yandex.Direct context ads or media ads. Blocks are inserted in the app content and are placed above such content. Partners can specify the acceptable sizes for the ad space and the maximum number of Yandex.Direct ad blocks themselves.

  • Full screeen advertising (Interstitial) consists of mobile RTB blocks that can display Yandex.Direct context ads, media ads or video ads. The ad fully covers the app background and is displayed after a user requests some information (for example, before going to the next game level) and receives a response.

  • Native advertising consists of ad blocks with Yandex.Direct ads, for which app owners can customize the display of each element themselves. This enables users to interact with advertising as naturally as they interact with original app content. This option is only available with an invitation from a Yandex manager.