Obtaining the app ID (Bundle ID)

To add new app, specify the app's unique ID in the app store (App Store or Google Play) in the Bundle ID field.

Use one of the methods below to find the unique iOS app ID (Bundle ID or package ID):

  • For your own apps:

    1. Open iTunes Connect, go to My Apps and select the app whose ID you need.

    2. On the app page, in the drop-down More menu, select About this App.

    The app ID is displayed in the Bundle ID field.

  • For any apps:

    1. Find the app in the and go to its webpage (for example, ).

    2. Copy the numerical ID contained in the URL between id and ? (for example, 483693909).

    3. Find the "bundleId" text in the 1.txt file the browser downloads via this URL.

    The Yandex.Browser ID for iPhone is ru.yandex.mobile.search.