Moderating ad subjects

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  2. How to report ads

All ads that are placed on partner sites are moderated for compliance with the current Russian law and Yandex advertising requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have “adult” ads displayed on my site?
On content sites
On content sites, the display of adult ads is restricted automatically.
On search sites
On search sites, this type of ad can only be displayed for relevant queries. If you want to restrict adult content, go to your site settings and enable the family filter.
How to enable the family filter on a search site
  1. Go to Products → Search sites.
  2. Find the desired site and click Edit.
  3. Go to Settings, enable the Family filter option, and save the changes.
Does Yandex moderate an advertised website or just its advertising materials?

Yandex moderates both advertising materials and the redirect page that an ad click leads to.

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Are display banners and image ads moderated?

Yes, all advertising materials, including image and display ads, are moderated. A creative or banner must contain all the information required by Russian law and Yandex rules, including warnings and age restrictions.

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How do I block certain categories of ads in my app?
Note. By disabling impressions of certain categories of ads, you restrict ad impressions in your app.

You can restrict impressions of display ads (banner and video ads). To do this:

  1. Go to Mobile RTB blocks, find the desired block, and click Edit.

  2. On the Categories tab, select the topic to exclude.

  3. To block the display of ads in this category, select the Blocking action to the right of the category.

    To reduce the number of these ads without completely blocking them, enter the limit value in rubles in the CPM limit field.

  4. Save changes.

If you didn't find a particular category in the list, contact support.

How to report ads

If you see an ad on your site that violates Russian law or Yandex advertising requirements, send a screenshot of the page and a banner link to the support service.

To get a link:

  1. Right-click on the ad title.
  2. Select Copy link address. You should get a link like