Working with ADFOX

is a technology platform for managing website ads, collecting statistical data, and analyzing the performance of advertising campaigns.

Website owners who are ADFOX customers can place third party ads in addition to ADFOX Sites products by enabling Yandex Advertising Network as an add-in.

In order to start working with ADFOX, you need to:

After linking the account, the partner will be able to create Yandex Advertising Network ad blocks in the ADFOX interface.

Linking an ADFOX account

To link an ADFOX account to the Yandex Advertising Network account, go to the Monetization section of your ADFOX interface. Click Link Yandex Advertising Network username in the form that opens.

Creating ad blocks

You can only create RTB ad blocks in the ADFOX interface (for more information, see ADFOX Sites Help).

After saving, ad blocks will be displayed in the Yandex Advertising Network interface and will be available for editing via Configure RTB blocks on the My platforms page (see more details on configuring an RTB block).


Statistics on blocks created in the ADFOX interface will be available both in the Yandex Advertising Network interface and the ADFOX interface.