Yandex Advertising Network

The is a platform for placing ads on websites, in mobile apps, in Smart TV applications, and on video walls.

Do you have an applicable resource, such as your own website, mobile app, or video system? Are you interested in earning revenue from advertisements?

Join the Yandex Advertising Network!

Partner benefits

  • The largest advertiser database in Russia. The Yandex Advertising Network displays over a million ads every day, including Yandex media banners, ads from the largest Russian contextual ad service Yandex.Direct, and ads from other platforms. Only verified ads will make it onto your site. All information contained in ads is moderated and fully compliant with legal requirements when it is shown.

  • User-tailored ad offers. We use 15 types of targeting, half of which are based on user behavior analysis. This enables us to put a sharp focus on the interests of each individual user and show them ads that are directly related to what they are looking for at a given moment.

  • Displaying ads that bring the most revenue. Our ad placement system is based on the bidding principle and includes over 120 ranking factors. This guarantees that your site will only display ads that bring you maximum revenue thanks to the optimal combination of CPC and personalized ads.

  • Tools for increasing ad revenue. Partners of the Yandex Advertising Network can enjoy stable revenue and also find ways to earn more. We provide users with optimization tools, statistics reports, and feedback on how to increase ad placement revenue.

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If you have any questions about working with the Yandex Advertising Network, contact our support service.
Note. If you want your ads hosted on resources that are part of the Yandex Advertising Network, please use one of our ad placement services.