How the quality of partner sites is evaluated

Yandex analyzes the quality of advertising platform traffic for each participating site in the Advertising Network. Special algorithms take into account a large number of factors, including various user behavior and conversion indicators (the percentage of users who responded to the ad and helped the advertising campaign achieve the goal that the advertiser set for it). The higher the probability of site conversion, the more expensive the clicks and impressions. This pricing system enables ad platforms to receive fair compensation for their ad block placement.

The site quality rating is constantly being recalculated. For example, if a lot of random clicks are recorded for a particular ad block, then the platform's conversion rate may be lowered. However, sufficient statistics must be accumulated in order to obtain certain data. If you have made changes to the ad block settings, then it will take 1-2 weeks before you can judge the effects of the changes on your CPM score.

Quality sites generate more revenue for partners. Here are some recommendations about how to improve the quality of your site:

  • Create sites with original content or services. This will increase the number of users and help you create a loyal audience. Remember that advertisements are not what brings users to your site.

  • Focus on your users, not on search engines. Your site and all of its pages and elements must be useful to your users. By creating value for site users, you make your site more attractive for both people and search engines at the same time.

  • Carefully plan your site's navigation and design. It should help users find the main information that the site was built to share.

  • Be honest. Even if you are able to attract users for search queries that your site cannot properly answer, you won't be able to retain those users.

  • Pay attention to how you design your ad blocks. Users should understand that when they click on an ad, they go to the advertiser's site and not to an internal page on your site.

Your quality rating may be low if your site:

  • Contains text that is automatically generated or doesn't make sense.

  • Copies information from other resources without creating original content or services.

  • Presents merchandise or information for a third-party affiliate program that provides no value to site users.

  • Is filled with invisible or barely discernible text or links.

  • Returns differing content to users and search engine bots (cloaking).

  • Is designed solely to send users to another resource, either automatically (redirect) or deceptively (advertising without content).

  • Has an abundance of navigation menus, news, background information, and advertisements that make it difficult to find the main page content.

  • Publishes various links exclusively for the purpose of deceiving search engines and “artificially inflating” your site's relevance.

  • Intensively hyperlinks to other sites that link back to it (link farms).

  • Contains links that are not actual recommendations of the author to visit the linked resource.

In addition to the fraudulent techniques described in this section, there are other techniques that also help artificially influence a site's Yandex ranking or ad impressions. We do not approve of them either. Use common sense and follow the spirit of the above-listed principles.

Beware of scams

We do not recommend using the help of people or organizations who offer to increase your CTR, clicks, site audience, revenue, etc. In most cases, the methods they use are prohibited and may lead to your account being blocked. Moreover, they might perform actions without your knowledge or consent. Usually they require you to share a portion of the additional revenue that you could earn from their actions.

Occasionally our partners receive offers from little-known companies who can supposedly increase their revenue from the Yandex Advertising Network. The wording of their offers varies: from optimizing block placement to switching to a fixed payment.

Investigations have shown that these companies use the same fraudulent scheme: they ask the site owner to place ad block code registered by the fraudulent company, then they generate a large number of fraudulent clicks on the ads that are placed on the partner's ad platform. Unfortunately, all risks involved fall on the ad platform owner. The owner not only loses money, but gets banned from the YAN permanently due to violations of the Terms of Participation, which prohibit the use of systems that artificially boost ad impressions and clicks. Remain diligent and skeptical of all offers for quick and easy money.

If you receive a similar offer, please tell our support service about it. This will help us improve our security system to prevent similar fraudulent actions in the future.