Visual design of Direct ads

Yandex Advertising Network provides a wide selection of design settings for Direct ads. On this page, we have gathered useful recommendations that will help you find your bearings among all the design settings and increase the effectiveness of your ad blocks.

Note. The set of available customization options depends on which blocks you are using (for example, for sites).

Color solutions and fonts

Ads must be easily discernible from the site's background. When creating a block, it's important to choose the right color scheme: Non-contrasting colors that are not a good match for your main design can significantly reduce the attractiveness of the ad.

Title design should receive special attention. Larger titles are read faster and easier, thereby increasing the CTR of the ads.

Please keep in mind that ads must not interfere with how users view the site's main content. Sites whose main objective is to show ads actually violate the Terms of Participation of the Yandex Advertising Network.

Block borders

Despite the relative obscurity of borders, their presence or absence may also significantly influence ad block perception.

Experiment with different design variants and select the one that will bring you the highest СTR.

Advertisers' site icons

Advertisers' site icons (favicons) noticeably enliven the ad block and attract the attention of users to the site. This increases the clickability of the ad regardless of the type of block. Here's how ads look with and without icons.

By default, the display of advertisers' site icons is enabled for all Yandex.Direct ads in the Advertising Network. To disable or enable icons in a particular block, go to the list of blocks (RTB blocks or Search blocks). Find the block you need in the list and click Edit. Change the position of the Icons switch on the Formats tab of the form that opens.


Callouts are short texts that are shown on additional lines below the ad. The advertiser can describe the advantages or special features of the advertised product using the callouts. You can enable callouts in certain Advertising Network blocks (for example, in the RTB horizontal block). Our research has shown that callouts increase CTR and improve the platform's revenue.

The advertiser can add multiple callouts to a single ad. The maximum total length of all callouts is 66 characters. Callouts are not clickable.

To disable or enable callouts in a specific block, go to the list of content sites ( Products → Content sites → RTB blocks). Find the block you need in the list and click Edit. In the form that opens on the Ad formats tab, go to the Design section and toggle the Callouts setting.

Displaying images

Ads with images can be served on content sites in the Yandex Advertising Network when using Yandex.Direct and RTB ad blocks. When users see relevant ad blocks with photos, topical images, and logos, they are more likely to notice them and to quickly understand the essence of the offer. This increases the CTR of the ads and boosts the revenue for the ad platform.

Image width and height depends on the type of ad block. Image formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF (only the first frame is selected for animated images).

One ad block can display both ads with images as well as text-based ads without images.

You can always enable or disable image display for all blocks on a specific content site.