Yandex Advertising Network

is a system for placing ads on websites, in mobile apps, and in Smart TV applications.

Most partners were transferred to the new interface version on November 14, 2016. You are now reading Help for the new interface. Answers to the most common questions that partners may have after switching are provided on a separate page.

How to join

If you have a website, a mobile app, or a video resource that satisfies the terms of participation and you want to receive revenue from ad placement, you can join the Yandex Advertising Network.

  • The largest advertiser database in Russia. The Yandex Advertising Network displays more than a billion promotional offers a day. Your site can host advertisements from Yandex.Direct, which is the largest contextual service on the Russian internet, as well as media banners from Yandex and from other popular systems. Only verified ads will make it onto your site. All information contained in ads is moderated and fully compliant with legal requirements when it is shown.

  • We provide a custom-tailored approach to each of your site's users. We use 15 types of targeting, half of which are based on user behavior analysis. This enables us to put a sharp focus on the interests of each individual user and show them ads that are directly related to what they are looking for at a given moment.

  • Only the most profitable ad is displayed. Our ad placement system is based on the bidding principle and includes over 120 ranking factors. We guarantee that your site will host only those ads that will bring you maximum revenue based on the optimal combination of cost-per-click and ad attractiveness to users.

  • You can always earn more. By participating in our Advertising Network, you not only can earn a stable income but also can continually increase it by utilizing our convenient optimization tools and statistical reports. We are always available to give you advice on how to place ads more effectively.

Find out more

If you have any questions about working with the Yandex Advertising Network, contact our support service. For answers to frequently asked questions, see the Troubleshooting section.

Note. If you want to place your ads on resources participating in the Yandex Advertising Network, please use one of our ad placement services.