Video ads in a unit

Video ads increase the efficiency of the placement. This format is available for all the site types except AMP.

You can place video ads in a unit along with your text & image ads and media ads. To add a video ad, click Add format during the Advertising formats step when creating or editing an ad unit with the visual code designer.

The minimum unit size is 320 x 180 pixels. Video ads will not be displayed in smaller units. We don't recommend that you place units with video ads enabled on the first screen: video ads might not have enough time to load in this case and the monetization of that unit will be low.

Unit preview

To evaluate the unit's look-and-feel on the site, specify the sizes of the area and preview unit. For the mobile version of the site, you can select the device and screen orientation.

For the desktop version of the site, you can set the scale in the preview area using the menu:

  • Autoscaling: the size of the test container is automatically selected to fully fit into the ad builder field.
  • Actual size: You set the length and width of the test container.
  • Fit to width (height): The test container is displayed so that your width (height) fits the designer field, with the height (width) adjusted proportionally.

You will see changes if the test container fails to fit into the designer field. The scale settings don't affect the unit and are used for convenience.

Additional elements

A video ad unit may contain additional elements defined by the advertiser: a header, a logo, an action button, a domain, or text. They help increase the unit conversion rate.

For these elements to be displayed, the unit size must be at least (width/height):

  • 320 x 220 pixels for a horizontal video.
  • 240 x 280 pixels for a square video.
  • 180 x 360 pixels for a vertical video.

If the unit height is fixed, some of the additional elements may not be displayed. For example, the video title and button will not be displayed in a 320 x 220 pixel unit. To have all the additional unit elements displayed on-screen, set the unit's height to 320 pixels.

We recommend using an adaptive height for your units to fit the framing container on your website. This will let you display additional unit elements and earn the maximum revenue from your ad placement.

Unit settings

For the desktop version of the site, you can use Fix unit when scrolling. If you enable it, the unit is not hidden behind the visible area border when the user scrolls the page. Instead, it's fixed in the position specified in the Fixed position parameter.

For banners, you can set up a light or dark color scheme. Fixed position Auto (a banner at the top or bottom) automatically sets the unit position. When the user scrolls the page up, the unit is fixed at the top of the page. When the user scrolls down, the unit is fixed at the bottom of the page.