Configuring RTB units

To edit the units you added, go to the list of RTB units: Ads on websites → RTB units, find the desired unit, and click Edit.

All visual configuration changes in the unit take effect automatically (without resetting the website code) within 2 hours after changes are saved.


Note that RTB units use the settings that you configured for content sites:

Privacy level

The Privacy level can be configured to limit the information transmitted about the platform to third-party advertising systems (DSP). Use the General tab to edit the privacy level.

How to send information about the ad platform:

  • full — Transmits the domain and URL of the page where the unit is located (default value).
  • partial — Transmits only the ad platform domain.
  • minimum — Transmits only the second-level domain.
  • don't send.
Tip. A high privacy level (“don't send”, “minimum”) can lower the revenue from an ad unit. Impressions on an unspecified ad platform are sold at auction at a lower price than for impressions on a well-known content site.

Displaying your own ads in an RTB unit

By adding your ad tag to an RTB unit code, you can display ads from other ad systems in the same ad spot or install a stub in case the auction has no suitable offer to serve. The number of impressions depends on the chosen strategy.

  • You can't use the RTB unit code as the alternative code in other advertising systems.

  • Do not specify the Yandex Direct ad unit code as your ad tag.

To configure ad serving for your custom ad, on the Strategy tab add the code to the Custom ad tag field. Specify the size of your ad unit. The code snippet for displaying your ad will be generated and added to the RTB unit code automatically. Save your changes. You don't need to reinstall the code on your site.

If the auction finds no suitable offer (based on the selected strategy), your custom ad tag is run. The ad will be shown in place of the ad unit using iFrame. These impressions are displayed in the Yandex Advertising Network statistics with viewability check in the Own ad views parameter.

There's yet another method to set up your ad display: you can add your ad tag to the RTB unit code when placing the ad unit on the site.

Location-based ad serving

Go to the Geography tab to restrict the display of your RTB units to specific regions.

In the region tree, select one or more regions. Set the CPM floor in rubles or in the selected currency without VAT In the CPM field. The CPM floor of a higher-level region is automatically applied to all its nested regions.

Restrictions for display ads and video ads

You can restrict impressions of display ads (banner and video ads) by going to the Categories tab.

Select one or more categories in the list of topics. Set the CPM floor in rubles or in the selected currency without VAT in the CPM field. The CPM floor of a higher-level category is automatically applied to its subcategories.

To exclude individual brands from display ads (for example, the brands of your competitors), go to the Brands tab. This setting only works for banners provided by the Yandex banner ad system or external DSPs. The brand list is provided by TNS Russia.

To add an advertiser or brand to the blacklist, start typing their name in the designated field. Select the desired brand from the drop-down list. You can then set the selected brand's CPM floor (in rubles or in the selected currency without VAT) or select Block.

If you did not find a particular category or brand in our list, contact support.

Archiving an RTB unit

If you don't use an RTB unit anymore, archive it. To do this, find a unit in the list and click Archive. You can restore archived units by going to the Archive tab.