Mobile app ads

Mobile app ads have their own set of elements.
  1. Required ad elements
  2. Additional elements
  3. Ad unit design rules

Required ad elements

App name
Added using the element <ya-unit-app-name />.
App icon
The app icon is handled by the element <ya-unit-app-icon />. The icon's aspect ratio is 1:1. You can also specify a placeholder image in case your ad doesn't have an icon, such as <ya-unit-app-icon src="https://someurl" /> .
Price (with the currency symbol)
Added using the <ya-unit-price /> element.

Additional elements

App rating
Added using the element <ya-unit-rating />. Must be between 0 and 5. Looks like five gray star outlines, some of which are filled in yellow. The number of filled-in stars corresponds to the app's rating. Fractions are also supported (for example, a rating of 3.5 is displayed as 3.5 yellow stars).

To display the rating using the shortened format, use the parameter isShort: <ya-unit-rating isShort />. The rating will then be displayed as one yellow star with the rating itself as a number next to it.

App action button
Looks like a button with text, such as “Install” or “Download”. Added via the <ya-unit-mobile-app-button /> element rendered as <div /> with the specified text in the browser.
Number of reviews
Added using the element <ya-unit-review-count />. We recommend using this element together with the app rating.

Ad unit design rules

  • The ad unit design is set to the mobile ad type.
  • The app icon is set.
  • The app price is displayed in the app store.
  • The app name is specified.
  • The name of the app store (App Store, Google Play) or platform (iOS, Android) is specified as text or an icon.
  • The app rating is displayed and it's made clear that it can display the review count.

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