Media ads

The following formats can be displayed in a Yandex Advertising Network display ad:

  • Yandex Direct display banners: Banner ads used to create a specific brand image for consumers.
  • Yandex Direct image ads: Clickable images that link to the advertiser's website.
  • Smart banners: Interactive banners with dynamic content.

All advertising materials displayed in Yandex Direct, including display formats, are reviewed for compliance with the Federal Law "On Advertising" and with the banner design requirements.

Banners are displayed just as they were uploaded by the advertiser. There is no deeper additional customization for a specific website.

Media banners

Choose horizontal or vertical banner sizes depending on the orientation and size of the placement on your website. The more formats you choose, the more advertisers can participate in the auctions, and the higher your potential revenue.

Enable Show in Interscroller to make the block's ad appear smoothly from under the content when scrolling and hide under the content using the parallax effect. You can set the background for the ad layer that appears from under the content.

You can set ad display time and full-screen display in the mobile version of the website.

Horizontal units are a good choice for placing ads above or below page content and between paragraphs.

Use the preview area to evaluate how the selected RTB unit would be displayed inside different containers.

The following horizontal block formats are available:

  • 300 × 250
  • 320 × 50
  • 320 × 100
  • 336 × 280
  • 728 × 90
  • 970 × 90
  • 970 × 250
  • 1000 × 120

  • 100% × 90
  • 100% × 120
  • 100% × 180
  • 100% × 200
  • 100% × 250

Note. Floor Ad units in the mobile version of the website only support the following formats: 320 x 50, 320 x 100, 100% x 90, 100% x 120, 100% x 180, and 100% x 200 pixels.

Smart banners

Smart banners are interactive banners with dynamic content. Ads displayed in smart banners are picked based on the user's interests.

Smart banners are displayed in RTB units for websites together with contextual ads and media banners. Every sentence inside the smart banner carousel is considered a separate ad. The partner receives revenue for impressions. The cost of an impression is directly related to its click-through rate.

Here is what a smart banner looks like: