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Yandex uses Real-Time Bidding technology for ad impressions, which lets you buy and sell impressions in a real-time auction. While the user loads a web page, the RTB system simultaneously holds an auction for ad impressions: it sends a request to advertising systems to display ads, receives their bids, and determines the winner of the auction. The winner gets to display their ad.

RTB lets you maximize revenue from ad impressions, as the ad that's the most profitable for the Yandex Advertising Network partner is automatically chosen out of all advertisers' ads.

Impression cost : Learn more about how the cost of ad impressions in the unit is generated.

Unit types : Determine the location of ads on the site pages and the available formats.

Ad formats : Media ads, text and image ads, video ads, native ads.

Traffic management strategy : A tool that helps manage traffic in the unit.

Ad code management : Unit setup directly in the ad code.

Additional ad unit settings : Restrictions on impression geography, border settings, and other actions with units.

Batch editing of ad unit : Create a set of options and edit the parameters of multiple units at the same time.

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