Native design

Restriction. This format is only available for sites that have more than 150 million viewable impressions per month.
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Native design is a text and image ad format that flexibly adapts to the website design.

You can pick and choose the elements to use in your ad, such as the title, body text, image, and so on. Some elements are required by advertising law and the terms of the Yandex Advertising Network. Other elements are optional: you can use them to make the ad fit in seamlessly with your website's design and increase the unit conversion rate.

How to add a native design

Attention. By using native design units, you accept the risks laid out in paragraph 3.21 of the Offer. Before you start designing your template, be sure to read the current advertising legislation, including the requirements for mandatory advertisement elements and their size.

Add a native design when editing or creating an RTB unit: in the visual designer, when setting up the Advertising formats, click Add format → Native design. You can customize the HTML and CSS settings to help your ad fit in with your website's page. To do this, go to the Code tab in the native design settings in the right part of the window.

To learn how to set up native design and how to use ad elements correctly, see the following sections:

Note. We recommend using a preset ad unit template if you don't have any experience with HTML and CSS. On the General tab, select a template from the Design template list and specify the grid size. After that, go to the Code tab and add the CSS styles used on your website.


To view a report on native design impressions for an ad unit, expand its card menu and click Statistics.

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