Native units

Attention. By using native units, you accept the risks laid out in paragraph 3.21 of the offer agreement.

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A native unit is an ad unit hosted on a content site that you can uniquely design. It looks like a d displayed in each cell. Native units are easy to place in a tile layout, on forums, among ads, and on other pages with uniformly designed elements, sucnd messages.

You can create a native unit the same way you create native designs in RTB units. Direct access to the HTML code and CSS styles lets you customize the unit's appearance however you like. You can fit the ad unit seamlessly into your website's design or go the opposite way and make it stand out to catch the user's eye.


No display ads
Native units only display text and image-based ads from Yandex Direct. They shouldn't generally be a replacement for RTB units.
Liability for compliance with legislation

By customizing a native unit's appearance, you accept full responsibility for compliance with advertising legislation, including following the requirements for advertisement elements and their size. Learn more about the rules for displaying native units