Advertising on AMP pages and Turbo pages

Members of the Yandex Advertising Network can monetize content on AMP pages and mobile Turbo pages by using ad units.

Ads on mobile Turbo pages

Turbo pages are special light versions of pages that load about 15 times faster than regular pages. This allows you to almost instantly show ads to your site users, even with a slow internet connection.

Page contents are cached on Yandex servers and loaded at the same time as the search results. The browser automatically generates Turbo pages using a generic template: site logo, illustrations, full page text, ad unit, and additional content.

Advantages of this technology
Turbo pages load 15 times faster than regular pages using a 3G connection. This helps you reduce the bounce rate by an average of 30%. Automatic ad placement means that the number of ads and profitable placements are selected automatically. This helps you increase your monetization revenue by an average of 40%.
Reduced load on your server. By using the dedicated content delivery infrastructure, you can reduce the number of requests to your server. The automatic recommendation feed is created from similar pages on your site. When you enable the feed, such pages are shown sequentially one after another. This helps you increase your number of impressions up to 30%.
Use of Turbo pages is one of the factors for generating extended snippets in search results. Simple integration with an export file in RSS format.

Turbo pages are displayed in Yandex search results. If the site is connected to Yandex News or Yandex Zen as a publisher, site content will also be displayed in these services as Turbo pages. In search results, Yandex News, Yandex Zen, and other Yandex services, Turbo pages are labeled with special rocket icons: .

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Advertising on AMP pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technology that allows mobile device and tablet users to quickly load sites.

The AMP technology imposes a number of limitations on how external components can be used in the page code. For this reason, the ad unit code for AMP pages is different from the code for other ad units.

You can place RTB units with Text & Image Ads and media ads on AMP pages.