Adding mirrors

Partners can independently add mirrors to their ad platforms. Mirrors are copies of sites on which Yandex ad units will also be displayed. Up to 50 mirrors can be added per ad platform.

A site mirror can be:

  • A full copy of a site that is part of the Yandex Advertising Network (for example, and
  • A regional variant of the main site. The sites have the same structure but the content differs in regional characteristics ( and For example, if a site is dedicated to real estate in Moscow, a site about real estate in Tyumen could be added to it as a mirror ( and
  • A thematic variant of the main site. The sites have the same structure and a common theme, but each has its own specific features. If a website is dedicated to one brand of camera, another website that deals with a different brand of camera can be added to it as a mirror ( and

During registration, ad platforms with “www” in their domain are automatically given a mirror without “www”. For instance, mirror will be added when registering

How to add a mirror

To add a mirror, go to the page with the list of platforms(Ads on websites → Content sites or Ads in search → Search sites) and click the Edit button next to the line of the desired platform. Enter the desired address on the General tab in the Mirrors section and click Add.

Added mirrors are verified by moderators within 2 days. If a mirror is successfully verified, it moves from the Under moderation list to Added.

Ad code must be inserted on mirrors. If a master domain is accepted into the Yandex Advertising Network, ads will be automatically displayed in all its subdomains once the ad code is inserted there.

Delete any mirrors that are not used any more. Find the required mirror in the Mirrors block and delete it with (displayed when hovered over).

Automatic addition of mirrors

Embed the ad code in the mirror site to add it to the Yandex Advertising Network automatically. This may take some time. During the automatic update, the master domain will be "Under moderation", and you'll be notified of the results by email. The fastest way to add a mirror is to edit the platform in the interface.

Mirror statistics

Overall statistics will be gathered for the mirror and main site. To monitor statistics for a specific mirror, you can create a separate platform for it.