Block unwanted ads

You can block impressions for unwanted ads by domain, Bundle ID, category, or brand in the site settings:

  1. Go to Ads on websites → Sites and ad units → Sites.
  2. Click  → Edit next to the desired site.
Note. Note that disabling ads may result in a reduced number of ads displayed, and consequently may reduce your revenue from ad placement.
  1. Block by domain or Bundle ID
  2. Block by ad category
  3. Block by brand

Block by domain or Bundle ID

You can block impressions for unwanted ads in Yandex Direct ads on any Yandex Advertising Network site by domain name or Bundle ID.

To block ads:

  1. In the site settings, go to the Blocking tab.
  2. Add the domains or Bundle IDs of apps that you don't want to be advertized on the site. You can add multiple comma-separated blocks at once.
  3. Click and then click Save.

All changes to settings will automatically take effect 30 minutes after saving them.

To cancel a block, find it in the list of blocks below and delete it using the element (that appears on hover).

To remove all blocks, click Clear list.

Block by ad category

You can restrict ad impressions in the site settings on the Categories tab. In the list of categories, select one or more categories and click Save.

If you didn't find a particular category in the list, contact support.

Block by brand

To restrict impressions for certain brands (for example, the brands of your competitors), go to the Brands tab. This setting works only for display ads provided by the Yandex display ad system and external DSPs.

To add an advertiser or brand to the list of restrictions, start typing its name in the input field. Select the desired brand from the suggested list and click Save.

If you can't find the brand you're looking for, contact support.