Ads in videos

Use an Instream video unit to show ads in videos.

Instream — Advertising in linear video content embedded in a video player. Available for desktop and mobile versions of the website, as well as for Smart TV apps.

The ad video can be played in the following scenarios:

  • Pre-roll — before the main content (maximum one unit).
  • Post-roll — after the main content (maximum one unit).
  • Mid-roll — at a specific time within the main content (maximum seven units).
  • Pause-roll — when the Pause button is pressed (maximum one unit).
  • Post-Pause Roll — after resuming the video (if the pause was for 60 seconds or more).
  • In-roll — when a certain point in the video is reached (only in the Yandex video player).
Note. To start showing Instream video ads, integrate Yandex Video Ads SDK into the partner's video player. To learn more, see Video advertising integration models.

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