Ads on mobile Turbo pages

  1. Ad unit formats
  2. Adding ad units
  3. Automatic ad setup

To monetize Turbo pages, you can enable the Yandex Advertising Network units or ads from other systems using ADFOX. You can create and place ad units automatically or manually.

Ad unit formats

Fixed placement

Ad unit above the header : An adaptive banner above the header of the page that occupies 100% of the width and 70 pixels of height. If you enable the unit above the header and the automatic recommendation feed, the ad is displayed before each new page of the feed. You can only place the Yandex Advertising Network units above the header.

Floor Ad : A fixed adaptive banner that occupies 100% of the width at the bottom of the page.


Recommendation widget : A unit that can be placed on Turbo pages during automatic ad placement. The widget displays links to your website's publications and can also be used to display ad units hosted by the Yandex Advertising Network.

Recommendations feed ads are ad cards 300 pixels high and 100% wide, served in an endless feed on Turbo pages.


In-Stream is a video ad that is shown in a video player. On Turbo pages, a default unit is enabled:

  • Unit type: mid-roll. It's displayed during video playback.
  • Start: from the 10th second.
  • Cycle: every 10 minutes, up to 100 repetitions.

Automatic placement

In-page ad unit : A unit that can be placed on the page manually or through automatic placement. When using automatic ad placement, the number of ads and favorable slots are selected automatically depending on the page length.

Interscroller : An ad unit with a parallax effect that is placed in-page through automatic placement.

Adding ad units

When creating a unit in the Visual ad unit designer, select Turbo pages for mobile at the Website version step.

If you use ADFOX you can create units to put on Turbo pages using the ADFOX interface. For more information, see ADFOX Help.

In order for ad units to appear on a Turbo page, you need to add yandex: adNetwork elements to the export file and indicate the IDs of the Yandex Advertising Network units or the ADFOX unit insertion codes in them. You can also specify where ad units should be displayed on the page. Learn more about the export file

We recommend spacing ad units at least 250 words apart.

Automatic ad setup

Yandex Webmaster lets you customize ads on Turbo pages: the system will automatically create and place Yandex Advertising Network units on your pages.

Ads are repeated at a pace that makes it easy to digest content: one ad unit per screen. You can add new units or change the position of existing ones at any time.

If you want Turbo page ads placed in specific locations, click the link that says Manual ad configuration on the ad settings page.

To enable automatic ad setup, select one of the options for managing ad revenue:

  • Ads are set up via the Yandex Webmaster account where revenue is accumulated.
  • Different Yandex Webmaster accounts are used to set up ads and receive revenue (may be useful, for example, if ad configuration and accounting are handled by different departments in your company).
  1. In Yandex Webmaster, go to Turbo pages for content sites → Settings → Advertising.
  2. Click Set up ads automatically.
  3. Select the option Always transfer ad revenue to my Yandex ID.
  4. Click Enable ads from the Yandex Advertising Network.
    Note. If you don't have a Yandex Advertising Network account yet, click Create Yandex Advertising Network account. The registration page will open in the next tab. When you complete the registration process, go back to the Advertising page and click Enable ads from the Yandex Advertising Network.
  5. Wait until you're sent to the confirmation page.

All ad units will be set up automatically, and you will start receiving revenue on your account. You will receive an email confirming that your ad settings have been updated.