Enabling In-Stream video ads

In-Stream is a video ad that is shown in a video player. Learn more in Yandex Advertising Network Help and ADFOX.
Note. In-Stream video ads can only be shown in videos passed in the figure element. Ads are not shown in videos from external resources.

Follow these steps to enable this type of ad:

Step 1. Creating an ad unit

Note. On Turbo pages, a default unit is enabled:
  • Unit type: mid-roll. It's displayed during video playback.
  • Start: from the 10th second.
  • Cycle: every 10 minutes, up to 100 repetitions.

To create an In-Stream unit, contact the Yandex Advertising Network support service. In your message, specify that you want to create an In-Stream video ad for Turbo pages and provide your Yandex Advertising Network username and domain.

When your request is processed, you will get an email with your Page ID. Use this ID when enabling the ads.

Step 2. Enabling and checking

To enable an In-Stream unit:

  1. In Yandex Webmaster, go to Turbo pages → Settings → Ads.
  2. In the Ads in video section, click Add and select the ad unit type.
  3. Depending on the unit type, enter the Page ID in the Yandex Advertising Network field or the embed code in the ADFOX field.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. In about an hour, check the ad unit display on a real Turbo page. In-Stream is not displayed in the example Turbo page.