Collaboration with individuals who are residents of other countries

Individuals who are not residents of the Russian Federation can work directly with Yandex Europe AG, the Yandex international service center (Switzerland), in accordance with the offer agreement.

Remuneration is paid in US dollars or euros to the bank account.

The terms and conditions for Belarus and Ukraine residents are described on a separate page.


We cannot enter into contracts with residents of countries that are included in the list of states and territories that offer preferential tax treatment or pursue non-disclosure policies for financial transaction information (offshore zones). See Russian Ministry of Finance Order No.108n dated November 13, 2007.

Filling out payment details and uploading document copies

We need your payment details and copies of the required documents in order to transfer remuneration. To do this, open the dashboard in the Yandex Advertising Network interface and click Add payment details.

Information required for remuneration payment
  • Mailing address.

  • Information required for the payment of remuneration:

    • Last and first name of the account owner in Latin characters.
      Attention. The name in the application should match the name in your agreement with the bank that holds your account for receiving remuneration.
    • Payment currency.
    • SWIFT code of recipient bank.

    • Bank account number or IBAN (international bank account number).

    • Bank name.
Documents required for remuneration payment

Upload a scan or photo of the document confirming your residency, such as your passport, travel passport, temporary residence permit, work permit, or permanent residence permit.

Remuneration payment

Individuals earn remuneration in the manner stipulated in the offer agreement. Remuneration is earned in US dollars or euros no more than once a month after reaching the threshold of 150 US dollars or 100 euros.

  • If you reach this amount in the current month, your remuneration will be paid within 20 business days of the following month.
  • If you don't reach this amount in the current month, your revenue for this month will be combined with the revenue for the following months until the threshold is reached. You will then receive your remuneration within 20 business days of the following month.

Accounting documents

If your revenue exceeded the threshold during the current month, you will receive the work completion certificate via email at the start of the next month. If you found any mistakes in the certificate, please specify them in your response by email. After that, all the documents will be available in the Yandex Advertising Network interface on the Documents page.

If you fail to reach the threshold, a report will not be generated.

Changing payment methods

If you want to change your remuneration payment details, go to Extras → Documents, click Change banking details, and fill in the form.

Taxes and fees

You have to pay all the taxes and fees stipulated by the law of your country of residence yourself.

Terminating the agreement

The contract can be terminated. In that case, impressions on your sites connected to the Yandex Advertising Network will be suspended. As soon as the contract is terminated, you will no longer receive income from ads on your platforms.