Smart Waterfall for Mobile Mediation

Smart Waterfall is a machine learning-based technology used in Mobile Mediation to predict the advertising network with the highest bid. This technology is compatible with networks that do not support In-App Bidding.
  1. How it works

How it works

The advertising network and best impression price are picked automatically based on the thresholds. The app owner sets multiple thresholds for each advertising network manually.

Smart Waterfall uses this threshold information for two weeks to create a base for future predictions on which advertising network is mostly likely to buy your request for the highest price. This type of analysis is based on multiple factors, such as historical data, device type and user location and behaviour.

Based on this data, the platform composes an advertising network request plan and first selects the advertising network that's most likely to buy an impression for the highest price. If this advertising network is unable to pick a suitable ad, then the platform selects the next one. This goes on until one of the advertising networks responds with an ad.

These predicting capabilities enable you to increase the fill rate for your placement because no time is spent sending requests to all possible networks within all possible thresholds, which speeds up ad serving.