In-App Bidding for Mobile Mediation

Mobile Mediation lets you receive real bids from advertising networks in real time using In-App Bidding. This technology is currently only available on Android (minimum SDK version supported is 4.4.0.) and only for apps powered by myTarget.

In-App Bidding makes it easier to set up Mobile Mediation: unlike networks that don't support bidding, you don't have to spend time setting up multiple thresholds.

  1. How it works

How it works

When the user goes to the ad screen, the app sends a request to Yandex Mobile Mediation. The platform begins to determine which ad from which advertising network will be the most profitable.

For networks that use In-App Bidding, Mobile Mediation requests bids directly from all networks at the same time.

Advertising networks connected via Smart Waterfall also compete for impressions. After the bidding networks respond, the ML algorithm predicts whether other networks can offer higher bids:

  • If the algorithm determines that it's possible, Mobile Mediation sends an ad request to the network.
  • Otherwise, it immediately serves the most profitable ad from the bidding network.