Partner remuneration

Partners receive remuneration for displaying native RTB units in their app. Remuneration deducted from the advertiser and the sum received by the partner are both calculated using data gathered by the statistics system.

Partner remuneration is deposited based on the terms set out in the agreement.

Determining impression cost in RTB units

The cost of impression in the RTB unit is determined through auctions run in real time.

Ad platforms may limit the minimum cost per impression in their advertising space by using a minimum CPM floor (MinCPM). If a minimum CPM is not set or is set equal to“ 0”, all bids will participate in the auction.

Bids made by the DSP are sorted by price in descending order and the bid with the highest impression price is selected. The final CPM is determined by the First-Price auction: the winner pays the CPM they specified.
  • If the auction involved multiple bids that exceeded the minimum CPM floor, the highest bid wins the auction and becomes the final CPM.

  • If only one bid exceeds the minimum CPM floor in the auction, it becomes the final CPM.
  • If no bid exceeds the minimum CPM floor, then no DSP wins.

Additional revenue from impressions in RTB units

You can maximize your revenue by using multiple ad networks at the same time. To do this, enter the embed codes for multiple networks when creating or editing your ad unit. This setup lets you use your own ads if RTB bidding does not produce a winner. The number of impressions can be adjusted using minimum CPM floors.

Partners can view statistics for RTB units and their own ads.