Interstitial advertising in mobile apps

Interstitial ads — mobile RTB units that can display contextual Yandex Direct ads, banner ads, or video ads. These ads completely block out the app's background and pop up between a user sending out a request and receiving data in response (like when advancing to the next level in a video game).

Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology is used to display interstitial advertising in the Yandex Advertising Network. The Real-Time Bidding technology lets you buy and sell impressions via a real-time auction. The RTB method automatically picks the most profitable offer, maximizing your ad revenue.

How Real-Time Bidding works

Yandex Advertising Network platforms with RTB impressions act as sellers in a real-time auction. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) represent advertisers and act as buyers in the auction. The RTB framework receives bids from DSPs and announces the winner.

The auction is conducted in real time. When a user visits a page, the RTB framework conducts an auction with the winning ad displayed on that page once it loads. The impression request is sent to all bidders. During this millisecond timeframe, DSPs appraise how much an impression should cost and make their bid. The auction winner gets to display their advertisement.

Advantages of Real-Time Bidding
  • Get maximum revenue from advertisements: each impression uses the ad with the highest auction price.

  • Set your own price floors: you can set a minimum CPM floor for each separate block and get the best price on ads.

  • Select your advertisers: you can exclude specific advertisers and topics from your pool or set their individual CPM floors.

  • Display ads that match your audience: RTB uses multiple targeting schemes, which are applied to contextual ads and banners alike.

  • Monetize your traffic to its fullest: if RTB yielded no bids that exceed the minimum CPM floor, you can choose to automatically display ads from other advertisement networks, including your own. This guarantees that you use the full potential of your placement and get the best prices.

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