Creating a standard banner

Mobile RTB units are created with the Visual ad unit designer, which you can find in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. Use the ad unit designer to set up ad units and get their embed codes.

To create a banner for a mobile app, open the block list (Ads in apps → Mobile RTB units) and click Create mobile RTB unit.

  1. During the first step go to the General tab, select your mobile platform from the list, and enter the block name. Click Continue.
  2. Go to the Block type step and choose Standard banner. Click Continue.
  3. In the Formats and design step:
    • Open the Standard design tab and choose the size and format for your media banner on the left-hand panel.

      Customize ad unit design in settings to the right: set the typeface, color palette, and corner and border shape. You can also disable sitelinks and advertiser website icons in Yandex Direct ads if necessary.

      All changes are immediately displayed in the preview block. The design of your ad unit significantly influences the CTR and, consequently, your app's revenue.

      Attention. According to the terms and conditions, the “Yandex Direct” link and advertisers' domains must remain clearly visible on the page.
    • Open the Display ads tab and select all the applicable ad unit formats. Click Continue.
  4. Go to the Strategy step and select a traffic management strategy. Click Continue.

  5. Click Create. After you save your changes, the new block will appear in the mobile RTB unit list with a unique ID. The block ID consists of the product ID (R-M), mobile platform ID (page_id), and the block index number.
  6. Copy the block ID and follow the instructions for enabling banner ads in the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK (iOS / Android).

If you want to create another ad unit with the same settings, click Duplicate. The new block will also appear in the mobile RTB unit list.

To edit the units you added, go to the block list (Ads in apps → Mobile RTB units), find the block you're looking for, and click Edit.