Setting up an adaptive banner

To edit adaptive banners, go to the mobile RTB unit list (Ads in apps → Mobile RTB units), find the block you're looking for, and click Edit.

Changes are applied automatically within 30 minutes of saving (no need to re-embed the code in your app).

Customizing the appearance of Yandex Direct ads

You can use the Yandex Direct Design tab to change the appearance of Yandex Direct ads in adaptive banners by customizing the fonts and borders, as well as change the palette using the color editor (click the sample color next to its six-digit code). You can enable or disable the advertisers' website icons and quick links. You can also enable or disable the display of Yandex Direct ads with images for all app units.

All changes will be instantly visible in the test block.

Keep in mind that your your ad unit design affects the CTR of the block and, therefore, the revenue you get from the app.

Note. You can also set up your app to always display the ad banner at the top or the bottom of the screen.

Traffic management strategies

You can select a traffic management strategy on the Strategy tab. More about strategies.

Location-based ad serving

Go to the Geography tab to restrict the display of your RTB units to specific regions.

In the region tree, select one or more regions. Use the CPM field to set the CPM floor in rubles or in the selected currency without VAT. The CPM floor of a higher-level region is automatically applied to all its nested regions.

General app settings

Please note that all your app settings also affect mobile RTB units:

Archiving ad units

You can archive ad units you aren't currently using. To do this, find a block in the list and click Archive. You can restore archived units by going to the Archive tab.