Advertisements in mobile apps

The ad network lets you place multiple types of RTB units in your mobile apps, including:

  • Native ads — Yandex Direct ad units which let the app creator manually configure each displayed element. This integrates the ad seamlessly into the rest of the content. Only accessible through an invite issued by a Yandex manager.
    • Ads displayed in Alice skills are Native ad RTB units with Yandex Direct ads and can be displayed to users in a dialog using the skill. Currently only visual units are displayed in Alice-enabled apps. Ad units don't affect voice interactions. Learn more about enabling ads in skills.
  • Adaptive sticky banners are ad units displaying Yandex Direct contextual ads. This type of block dynamically adjusts the banner size depending on screen resolution and space available for the ad. This lets you fit the ad into the banner seamlessly and without unnecessary empty space. Partners can choose the maximum number of Yandex Direct ads or use their app to set the area to display the ad banner.
  • Interstitial ads are mobile RTB units that can display Yandex Direct contextual ads, banner ads, or video ads. These ads completely block out the app's background and pop up between a user sending out a request and receiving data in response (like when advancing to the next level in a video game).

  • Rewarded videos — ad units with embedded videos used when monetizing video games. Watching these videos earns the user a reward or in-game currency. Partners can specify the reward they want to give players for viewing 100% of a video for the first time. Ad units can be integrated into the app's content or overlaid on top of it.
  • Standard banners are ad units that display Yandex Direct contextual ads or banner ads. Ad units can be integrated into the app's content or overlaid on top of it. Partners can choose the size of their ad spaces and the maximum number of Yandex Direct ads.