Granting access to a mobile platform

You can grant any user access to your mobile platforms in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. A user with the Partner assistant role will be able to view and edit the mobile platform and ad units, and will also have access to statistical reports.

  1. Click on the InvitesInvites page, select the invite language and specify your email address. A link to access the interface will be emailed to that address. Please note that the assistant requires a Yandex ID in order to register in the Yandex Advertising Network.

    Note. Assistants access the mobile mediation via the ADFOX interface. To configure access go to the ADFOX tab and follow the instructions.
  2. After the assistant clicks the link and registers, open a page with a list of mobile platforms (Ads in apps → Mobile platforms). Find the platform you want to grant access to in the list and click Edit. On the Accesses tab, click Add assistant and specify the username used to register the assistant in the Yandex Advertising Network.

    If necessary, check the Can edit the platform field to allow the user to change the mobile platform settings and create or edit ad units. In addition, any assistant can view the statistics of all available mobile platforms and units, and create and save their own statistical reports.