Additional unit settings

  1. Actions with units
  2. Location-based ad serving
  3. Disable videos in banner ads

Actions with units

The following actions are available in the list of units in the unit menu :

  • Duplicate: Create another unit in the list of units with the same settings but with a different ID.
  • Send to archive: Send the unit to the archive. To restore it, find the unit using the status filter, open the unit menu , and select Restore.

Location-based ad serving

You can restrict impressions for app users from a certain region. To do this, open the unit on the app page or in the list of units and go to Regions.

In the region tree, select one or more regions. Set the CPMV floor in rubles or in the selected currency without VAT in the CPMV field. The CPMV floor of a higher-level region is automatically applied to all its nested regions.

To completely prohibit impressions in a region, select the region and choose the Block option.

Disable videos in banner ads

You can disable video playback in the settings of a unit with banner ads. To do this, go to General and disable the Show video in the ad unit option.

Restriction. The minimum size of the banner that supports video playback is 300 x 160 or 160 x 300 dp (density-independent pixels).