Interstitial: Ad units that can display text and image ads, media ads, or video ads. These ads completely unit out the app's background and pop up between a user sending out a request and receiving data in response (for example, when advancing to the next level in a video game).

The number of ads in the unit and the font size are determined automatically based on the size of the user's screen.

Enable interstitial ads

To add interstitial ads to the app:

  1. Create a unit with the Interstitial format in the Yandex Advertising Network interface.
  2. Connect the unit to the app. The step-by-step connection process is described in the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK documentation and depends on the way the ad unit is integrated:
    • Connection to AdMob mediation: Android | iOS
    • Connection to ironSource mediation: only for Android
    • Direct integration via Yandex Mobile Ads SDK: Android | iOS