Reports for evaluating the efficiency of monetization

The main tool for evaluating the efficiency of monetization is the group of reports under Statistics in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. With these reports, you can analyze statistics in detail by various metrics, such as queries, served impressions, or viewable impressions, as well as view remuneration data. To learn more about analytics features, see Managing reports.

To evaluate current metrics in conjunction with custom metrics, use Yandex Metrica reports.

  1. Yandex Advertising Network group reports
  2. Session Replay
  3. Click map

Yandex Advertising Network group reports

Use these reports to analyze the effect of impressions and increase revenue. These reports help:

  • Find the best content: The most profitable articles, categories, and groups of materials.
  • Boost the performance of traffic channels after tracking revenue from impressions brought by each channel. For example, you can compare the benefit from social networks and email newsletters.
  • Create the optimal number of ad units.
  • Identify technical issues with impressions.

To learn more about “Yandex Advertising Network” group reports, see Yandex Metrica Help.

Session Replay

Session Replay technology helps you explore the behavior of users on your website. User actions are saved as a video that you can watch to see what visitors do on the pages of your website. For example, you can see how users move the cursor and what links they click.

Detailed analysis enables you to identify problems in navigation, logic, and usability. Fixing these problems helps increase the conversion rate of your website.

With Session Replay, you can also evaluate the impact of third-party services and learn how ads affect the behavior of website visitors.

To learn more about Session Replay features and how to set it up, see Yandex Metrica Help.

Click map

The click map is a tool used to collect and display statistics on where users click links on your website. The click map shows clicks on all page elements, not just on links.

The map helps evaluate the usability of your website, identify the most clickable elements, and start experimenting with ad units locations.

To learn more about the click map, see Yandex Metrica Help.

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