Fill rate

The fill rate is the ratio of the number of served impressions to the number of requests (as a percentage).

What is a typical fill rate?

When you select the Maximum revenue strategy, the fill rate in the Yandex Advertising Network comes close to 100%. If your fill rate is lower than that, you're not buying out advertising traffic to the fullest extent. The partner's task is to maximize the percentage of purchases at an optimal price for 1000 impressions.

How to increase your fill rate

Reason Solution
Using a CPM floor. Switch to the Maximum revenue strategy.
Blocking certain advertiser categories or brands, or using a CPM floor for them. Review the list of blockings and limits set for topics, brands, and domains.
Underuse of available inventory in designs. Enable all available ad unit formats: standard design, video ads, media ads, and native ads.
Technical issues (developer console or ad code errors). Identify and troubleshoot the errors.