Increasing ad efficiency

The Yandex Advertising Network gives you tools to analyze statistics that help increase the efficiency of your ad units and revenue from your website.

You can check how changing particular settings affects your website profitability and choose the option that works best for you:


Users react to ads in different ways. For some, banners are more engaging, while for others, video ads are more appealing. To make ads appealing to every user, we recommend using various formats such as media ad design, native design, video ads, and standard design with Smart Design technology. This way, the system will more likely select a design that's interesting to the particular user when loading a page, and this will bring you the highest possible revenue.

Try changing the position of a block for some time to see how it affects your CPMV. Use the position with the highest CPMV. To identify the best position of a block on the page, use the Click map. We recommend evaluating the efficiency of changes after a two-week test.
Number of units
Identify the number of units on the page that doesn't interfere with visitors' view of content, fits seamlessly into your website, and at the same time brings the income you want.

Yandex constantly aims at improving its own ad selection technology to make ad products even more effective.

To learn more about ways to increase ad efficiency, read these sections:

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The ads on my site have a low number of impressions

We recommend that you first take the following actions:

  • Make sure that your site has no problems with page accessibility and that error codes 404, 502, 500, or 204 are not appearing (see Monitoring availability).
  • Check the ad unit viewability percentage. Make sure that the ads are being displayed in most browsers. Yandex Metrica reports might help you. Yandex Advertising Network ad units are tested in all modern browsers and in all operating systems.
  • Check the value of the minimum CPM floor for RTB units. If the value is too high and you have not inserted code for your own ads, this could lead to a significant reduction in the number of impressions.
  • Check the list of competitor domains. A large number of blocked competitor domains could lead to a noticeable reduction in the number of impressions.
  • Install the latest ad code version using the ad unit builder. Do not independently modify ad code unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, the number of impressions may change due to seasonal fluctuations.

The ads on my site have a low CTR

Here are a few reasons why ads on a site could have a low number of clicks:

  • The site has been provided with broadly-themed ads because its pages are inaccessible to indexing by the Yandex Advertising Network robot. The CTR for ads that match the context of site pages is higher than the CTR for broadly-themed ads.
  • The site is not enabled for behavioral targeting. Our researchers have shown that enabling the display of ads based on user interests increases the CTR for the overwhelming majority of sites.
  • Ad units are ineffectively positioned: they are unnoticeable to users or distract from the main content of the page. Analyze positions of the elements that attract the most clicks.
  • The design of ad units was poorly chosen, ads are barely discernible, or they bother users with their intrusiveness. Experiment with the color design of ad units. Make sure that the display of images as well as icons from advertisers' sites has been enabled for Yandex Direct ad units.
The ads on my site have a low CPMV

The cost of impressions for an ad in the Yandex Advertising Network depends on the following factors:

  • Site content. The cost if an impression changes depends on the ad's subject matter. This is because the market keeps shifting, including the number of advertisers, their CTR, and ad price. Make sure ad targeting based on user interests is enabled, because it helps expand the list of ad categories on your site.
  • Site quality. Improving the quality of your website noticeably affects impression cost and can help boost revenue.
  • Ad block location and design. The viewability of your ad units is taken into account when calculating the CPMV, so try placing them in a way that makes them noticeable to users. The optimal location and design for your ad units depend on the layout and design of the particular website. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what works and what doesn't.
    Note. The location and design of ad units should not violate the Terms of Participation and result in accidental clicks.
Number of clicks/impressions in statistics has decreased

Invalid clicks and impressions (malicious or erroneous) may be removed from the clicks and impressions statistics. The filtration process takes from two days to a month, therefore some indicators in the statistics in this time may slightly decrease.

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