Dashboard and statistics widgets

The dashboard is the main page in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. It is the first thing that the user sees after logging in or clicking on the first menu item. The dashboard can contain different kinds of widgets:

  • The “Your revenue” widget: Available to partners, who receive remuneration in US dollars, euros, or Belarusian rubles.
  • Revenue widget: Available to partners who receive remuneration in Russian rubles.
  • Statistics widgets: You configure their display yourself.
  • Information widgets: Text widgets with training materials, news, and other important messages from the Yandex Advertising Network.
  1. The “Your revenue” widget
  2. Revenue widget
  3. Statistical widgets
  4. Editing widgets

The “Your revenue” widget

Restriction. This widget is available if you receive remuneration in US dollars, euros, or Belarusian rubles.
You can use it to track your revenue, such as:
  • Remuneration for yesterday.
  • Remuneration for the current month.
  • Your current balance reflects the funds that you earned but haven't been paid yet. If you haven't received any remuneration yet, the Current balance section will instead display the total amount accumulated since registering in the Yandex Advertising Network.

    After reaching the remuneration threshold, remuneration is paid within 20 business days of the next month. This is why all new remuneration earned is also displayed in your current balance total. Once you are paid, your current balance decreases by the amount received, leaving only the total earnings for the current month.

Revenue widget

Restriction. This widget is available if you receive remuneration in Russian rubles.

The data in the widget is generated based on statistics and is available only to resource owners. For users with the Partner's assistant role, the revenue for resources that they don't own will always be zero.

The widget contains basic information about remuneration:

  • Revenue for the current calendar month.
  • Revenue for yesterday.
  • Balance as of the last day of the previous month: Revenue accumulated since the beginning of the billing period as of the end of the previous month. The balance amount may slightly change due to statistical adjustments. The balance can have the following statuses:
    • To receive a reward, you need to reach the threshold: The status is displayed if your total accumulated revenue didn't reach the payment threshold last month. In this case, this revenue is added to the revenue of the following months until the total revenue amount reaches the threshold.
    • Payment preparing: This status is displayed from the 1st day of the current month until when payment is made if your revenue reached the threshold last month.
    • Paid: This status is displayed as soon as payment is made until the end of the current month. The timing of the remuneration transfer to your account depends on the bank or payment system.
    Note. The balance in the widget is given before taxes. If you are registered in the Yandex Advertising Network as an individual resident of the Russian Federation, the Personal Income Tax will be deducted from the balance amount while payment is being made.
For more information about thresholds and remuneration payment, see Documents and payments.

Statistical widgets

You can add a dashboard widget that displays any statistical report of your choosing, such as remuneration earned over a selected period. The widget can be saved as a graph or table.

You can add a widget on the Statistics tab or from the dashboard page (to do this, click Create statistical widget). In the window that opens:

  1. Build a report based on a template or create one from scratch.
  2. Click Add to dashboard and select your widget type: chart or table.

If you delete a report from the saved reports list, its widget will disappear from the dashboard.

Editing widgets

Click on the Set up a dashboard link in the upper part of the screen to:
  • Change the positions of widgets on the dashboard.
  • Select the widget area as a percentage (to place two widgets side by side).
  • Delete widgets that you no longer need.

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