Protect: Secure web surfing

Yandex.Browser uses a proprietary active protection system  . This is the first comprehensive security system in a browser that protects you from most threats when using the internet. It includes the following elements:

How does it work?

Yandex.Browser ensures your protection in the following cases:

  • When viewing websites. The browser will display a warning when opening unsecure websites. Yandex search bot monitors websites that spread malicious code as well as websites related to SMS fraud, phishing or mobile subscriptions. Every day the system performs about 20 million checks identifies about 5000 new infections and confirms that about 80 thousand websites are infected.
  • When downloading files. The browser scans all downloaded archives and executable files for malware. Every day about 1 million executable files are checked for viruses and about 14,000 of these are identified as malicious.
  • When installing extensions. To protect you from malware and annoying ads, your browser only allows extensions to be installed from verified sources. Installed extensions are regularly checked for authenticity.
  • In public Wi-Fi networks. When connecting to unprotected or underprotected networks, the browser uses a special encrypted channel to transfer data.
  • When entering passwords . If you enter apassword previously used for another website, the browser will warn you thatthis action may be dangerous.

Note. To protect your browser from new threats, it must be regularly updated. Therefore, we recommend that you do not disable the automatic browser update option.