What to do if your location has been determined inaccurately

Configure your smartphone properly

Install official version of operating system

Many unofficial operating system versions have been insufficiently tested, and GPS modules can report inaccurate information when running on this software.

Enable location determination (GPS)

If the “determine location” setting was disabled, enable it. When cold booting GPS modules, it can take between 10─15 to several hours to determine locations accurately. Your phone must be in an open area during this process (not sitting in a garage or apartment).

It is best to keep the “Fetch location” setting always on: This will noticeably reduce the amount of time it takes to search for satellites when running apps that rely on your GPS.

If necessary, you can prevent certain applications from using this function (in the operating system settings).

Enable a particular location mode

Enable location mode based on satellite data, cellular data, and Wi-Fi.

All other location modes (for example, that rely only on either satellite or Wi-Fi data) do not allow you to accurately determine your location and are not suitable for navigation apps.

Enable cellular Internet
Turn on the cellular Internet and make sure that the balance in your account is positive and that you really have a cellular Internet connection (for example, try loading a website in your browser).
If you cellular Internet is disconnected Navigator will not be able to:
  • download up-to-date data about the orbits of GPS satellites

  • replot a route if better alternatives become available

  • find out about the latest road events

  • show an updated map of your location

  • provide you with a detour route around traffic jams

  • Search for intermediary points

Turn off power-save mode on your phone

Most power-save modes don't allow you to determine your location.

Ensure that you have access to a GPS signal

Place your phone on the dashboard of your car under the windshield. Any barrier (car roof, thick foliage, multi-story buildings) will reduce the quality of the GPS signal (and can block it completely). Your phone needs to see the open sky!

If you drive into a tunnel, you will lose your GPS signal. Yandex.Navigator will continue directing you along your route, but your location will not be determined as precisely.

If configuring these settings did not help

If the settings detailed above did not help, perform one of the following procedures:

    1. Turn off Yandex.Navigator completely so that it's not even on in the background. It is not enough to exit the app by taping the Back or Home buttons. You need to open the view that shows you all of the running apps and swipe away the Navigator window.

    2. Launch Yandex.Navigator again.

    1. Disable Wi-Fi.

    2. Launch Yandex.Navigator.

    1. Enable “Airplane mode” for 15-20 seconds and then disable it.

    2. Launch Yandex.Navigator.

  • Reboot your smartphone. Launch Yandex.Navigator.

If that did not help

Write to Support.