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If you have other questions about Yandex.Navigator or want to leave comments or suggestions, please write to us at Support:

Please describe your situation in as much detail as possible so that we can give you a thorough answer.


If the Navigator is unable to accurately pinpoint your location, the listed methods for troubleshooting the situation do not solve the problem, and you are using an Android device, then send the following information to our support service:

  • The exact model number of your device.

  • Your device's operating system version (see Settings → About your phone).

  • The app version and the UUID (the app installation ID).

    Tap the Menu  button and select the About this app section.

    The app version is listed under the name.

    Tap the Yandex.Navigator logo 5 times to copy the UUID to the clipboard so that you paste it into the form field.

  • The time a journey took place.

  • The GPS track route. Link your device to your computer and copy the log file located at the following address from your device:

    /Library/Application Support/caches/recording/collected_records.sqlite

    Unfortunately, when you open and use the application, the new record overwrites the log file. If you run into problems determining your location again, try immediately (without reopening the app) to copy the log file (if the situation allows you to do this).

If possible, let us know how well other navigation apps on your device are able to pinpoint your location.