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Read the Yandex blog to find out more about how Yandex.Traffic works.

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If you have other questions about Yandex.Navigator or want to leave comments or suggestions, please write to us at Support:

Please describe your situation in as much detail as possible so that we can give you a thorough answer.


If Navigator doesn't determine your location accurately on an Android phone and the methods listed here don't help, please send us the following information:

  • The exact model of your device.

  • Your device's OS version (see Settings → About phone).

  • The version of your app and UUID (app installation ID).

    Tap Menu  and tap About.

    The app version is listed under the name.

    Tap the Yandex.Navigator logo 5 times to copy the UUID to the clipboard so that you paste it into the form field.

  • The time a journey took place.

  • The GPS track route. Link your device to your computer and copy the log file located at the following address from your device:

    /Library/Application Support/caches/recording/collected_records.sqlite

    Unfortunately, when you open and use the application, the new record overwrites the log file. Therefore, if you experience a problem determining your location again, try copying the log file right away if possible (without re-opening the program).

If you can also comment as to how well other navigation programs determine your location, please do.