To show visual traffic information, tap Traffic (to hide it, just tap again).

The traffic level is indicated by color:

  • — traffic is moving freely
  • — traffic is moving slower in this area
  • — traffic jams
  • — traffic is obstructed
  • — no reliable data

When this mode is turned on, the Traffic button displays information about the traffic level using a point scale:

  • — many traffic jams throughout the city
  • — average road congestion, some jams
  • — no traffic jams
  • Blinking yellow means that traffic data is being uploaded from the network.

Traffic conditions are measured on a ten-point scale:

  • 1 — Roads are clear.
  • 2 — Roads are mostly clear.
  • 3 — There are some points of congestion.
  • 4 — There are some points of congestion.
  • 5 — Heavy traffic.
  • 6 — Bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • 7 — Serious traffic jams.
  • 8 — Traffic is backed up for kilometers.
  • 9 — It is impossible to drive through the city.
  • 10 — It would be faster to walk.

Yandex.Traffic displays information provided by users of Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Navigator. This data is obfuscated and confidential.

The more frequently data is received, the more up-to-date the information on the map is. The traffic display changes in accordance with whatever new data becomes available (if there are no updates after a given time has passed, then traffic will stop displaying).