To customize your map's appearance:

  1. Tap on the lower part of the screen.

  2. Tap Menu .

  3. Go to Settings, then:

    • Map type — to turn on Map or Satellite mode.

    • Night mode — to enable a mode where the screen is better suited for night-time viewing. If you want to control the mode manually, tap On or Off. If you want the mode to switch automatically, tap Auto.

    • 3D mode — to enable 3D map displays.

    • Autozoom— to allow your map scale to adjust automatically during your trip.

    • North is always up — to lock the map so that the map is in line with cardinal directions.


      If this setting is enabled, then the number of lanes is not displayed while en route.

Map adjustment buttons

  • and  — change map scale.


    Other ways to change map scale:

    • Pinch or spread the map using your fingers.

    • Turn on Autozoom to automatically adjust your map scale during your trip.

    • Other phone models give you even more options to change the scale. For example, you might be able to change it using your volume button.

  • — location determination button. This button displays when your current location is beyond the frame of the map or as yet undetermined.

    Tap the button to determine your current location and your spot will be marked with .

    If your location was not accurately determined, then the icon will display against a circular backdrop. The bigger the circle is, the less precisely the app was able to determine your location.

  • — compass button. The compass icon (along with the map itself) orients itself in accordance with your movements. Tap this button to lock the map orientation so that North is always up.


    You can also lock the map position using the North is always up setting (see Maps: Appearance section).

  •  — Road alerts button. Tap this button to set a road alert for a given map point.

  •  — Traffic button. Tap this button to view or hide traffic jam information.

  •  — Voice-activated control button. Tap this button to usevoice-activated control in the app.

  •  — button Parking. Tap this button to view or hide parking information.