To customize your map's appearance:

  1. Tap on the lower part of the screen.

  2. Tap Menu .

  3. Go to Settings, then:

    • Map type — Diagram or Satellite mode.

    • Night mode — a screen mode for working during the evening and night. To manually change the mode, tap On or Off. To allow the mode to switch itself automatically, tap Auto.

    • 3D mode — 3D map display.

    • Autozoom — automatically change the map scale when the map is moved.

    • North is always up — adjusts the map's orientation relative to the cardinal directions.


      If this setting is enabled, then the number of lanes is not displayed while en route.

    • Cursor — choose the icon type (for your car).

Map adjustment buttons


Increases and decreases the map scale.


Other ways to change map scale:

  • Pinch or spread the map using your fingers.

  • Turn on Autozoom to automatically adjust your map scale during your trip.

  • On some phone models you can also configure additional methods for changing the scale, such as by using the volume buttons to do this.

Determining location. This button is displayed if your location is beyond the boundaries of the displayable map or it is not able to be determined.

Tap the button to determine your current location. It will be marked by the icon.

If your location cannot be determined exactly, the icon will be displayed against the background of a green circle; the larger the circle, the less certain the app is of your location.

Compass. The compass needle is oriented along with the map in the direction that you are moving.

Tap this button to lock the orientation of the map (so that north is always up).


You can also lock the map position using the North is always up setting (see Maps: Appearance ).

Road events. Tap this button to add a road event at the selected point.

Traffic jams. Tap the button to enable or disable the display of traffic jams.

Voice command. Tap the button to enable voice command of the app.

Parking. Tap the button to enable or disable the display of parking spaces.