Find a location and set your route

Set route to a certain type of location

  1. Tap on the lower edge of the map. Tap Search in the panel that appears.

  2. Buttons for the most common types of places (ATMs, gas stations, etc.) will appear.

    Choose your place type.

  3. markers will appear denoting the closest locations of that type.

  4. Tap the marker for the location you want to go to.

  5. Then tap Go! in the context menu.

Set your route to an exact location

  1. Tap on the lower edge of the map. Tap Search in the panel that appears.

    A search bar appears with various quick search buttons.

  2. Enter your search in the field.

  3. Choose one of the suggestions or tap Find.


    To usevoice search, tap next to the search bar.

  4. Tap on the place name to open its card.

  5. On the place card, tap one of the following:

    • From — to set your route from this location
    • Via — to stop at this location along your route
    • To — to set your route to this location

Open a place card

To view information about a place you've found, tap on its name or marker on the map.

You can use icons in the place card to do the following:

  • — call the organization
  • — go to their site
  • — add a location to My Places.

You can also use the card to set that location as one of the points on your route.