Installing, configuring and updating

Install the app

Configure the device

Log in

Why log in?

Some app features (such as access to My Places or My Trips, or search history syncing between your devices) are available only to users who are logged in.

How do I log in?

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Choose an account or create a new one:

    • If you have an account on any of the personal Yandex services (for example, Yandex.Mail), you can use this account for Yandex.Navigator. To log in with an existing account, tap Log in.

      If you have several accounts, and the first suggested account suits you, tap Continue.

      If it doesn't, tap Select another account and choose one.

    • To choose an account based on a social network profile, click the network name and let the application access it.


      To learn more about accounts associated with social networks, see the Help for Yandex.Passport.

    • To create a new account using your phone number, tap the Registration button and enter your login name, password and the phone number where you will receive the confirmation code.


    To learn more about authorization in Yandex, go to the Your Yandex account section in the Help for Yandex.Passport.

Set up the app

You can customize Yandex.Navigator: choose the interface language and the voice, display features, and so on (see Navigator map).

The customization options (such as the choice of voices) may vary.