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To improve the quality of the map and navigation, go to Menu → Feedback and select a desired action on the page that opens:

  • Add a building entrance or barrier:

    1. Select the desired object: building entrance or barrier.

    2. Move the map until the marker is on the desired point on the map.

    3. Tap the Add building entrance (or barrier) button.

  • Mark the place where no through traffic or turns are allowed.

    You will see instructions on how to add a road event of the type Error. They will tell you how to add information to the map about where no through traffic or turns are allowed, etc.

    Also see the Road events section.

  • Correct speed limit information.

    You will see instructions about how to change the permitted speed along a particular road section.

    When the route is plotted, tap the speed limit icon.

    Select the correct value in the window that opens and tap Submit.

  • Add an organization.

    Specify the name, address, and other information about the organization in the form that opens.

    Tap Submit.


You can also reach this page by selecting Menu → Tutorials and tips → Report an error.

The place that you are adding will be displayed on Yandex.Maps and Navigator maps only after it has passed moderation.


Learn more about how objects added on the map are moderated: Yandex Map Editor moderation