Road events

Road events are points on the map associated with certain events (such as accidents): .

A road event can also be represented by a user-added text message ("conversation"): .

Attention. Information about road events that is transmitted to Yandex does not contain any personal information about the user or the car.
Configure how road events are displayed:
  1. Tap on the lower part of the screen. The toolbar opens.

  2. Tap the Menu button.

  3. Go to Settings → Road alerts → Display on map.

  4. Choose the types of road events you want to see.

    • — conversations
    • — accidents
    • — road work
    • — cameras (speed and lane monitoring cameras)
    • — raised bridges
    • — road closures
    • — error (the road is impassable or the road is blocked with a barrier)
    • — other
To turn on/off or adjust voice warnings for road alerts:
  1. Tap on the lower part of the screen. The toolbar opens.
  2. Tap Menu .

  3. Go to Settings → Road alerts.

  4. Turn on the Give audio warnings option.

  5. Choose the types of road alerts you want to get.

To add a road event to the map:
  1. At your current location ─ tap the Add road event button.

    At another location ─ tap the point and then the Set button in the context menu.

  2. Fill in the Event form:

    1. Choose the type of event.


      “Raised bridge ” and “Road closure” events can be displayed on the map, but you can't add them yourself.

    2. If you add an “Accident” or “Road work” event, choose the traffic lane that's affected in the Choose lane field.

      If you add events of the type “Error”, then you can select the type of error (no through traffic permitted due to..., turn..., barrier).

    3. In the Comments field, enter your comments for the event being added.


      You can also add a barrier to the map by using the Feedback → Add building entrance or barrier.

  3. Tap Set.

    The event will be added to the map. To see comments, tap on the event icon.

You can send information about a road event (for example, a surveillance camera) that doesn't change its position to the Yandex.Navigator support service.

Moderation of road events

Road events and conversations are moderated. The moderation rules are as follows:

  1. “Accidents, Cameras, Road work, and Other” events should only contain information about the road event itself.

  2. “Conversations” is only intended as a platform to discuss topics related to the current road situation.

A message of either type will be flagged under the following circumstances:

  1. It violates that country's laws.

  2. It contains obscene or vulgar language.

    In this case, an obscene expression where some or all of the letters are replaced with asterisks or other symbols is still obscene if native speakers can easily substitute the missing letters and then read and understand the expression.

  3. It incites hatred or attempts to humiliate a person or group based on their sex, race, nationality, language, country of origin, religious beliefs or membership in a particular social group.

  4. It contains ads.

  5. It contains incomprehensible groups of words or letters.

  6. It contains a phone number or other contact information.

  7. It contains political slogans or appeals to action.

  8. It reports a bombing or other extreme situation that we cannot verify and that may frighten other users.

A user can be blocked because of messages with unacceptable content.

If this is the first time you were blocked, the block will be lifted in 24 hours.

The block will not be lifted after your second offense.