Cancel subscription

If you have already paid for a subscription, you can't deactivate it. But you can disable its auto-renewal.

  1. Go to Manage subscription.
  2. Click Cancel under the subscription name.
  3. Click Cancel subscription.

If you disable subscription auto-renewal before the trial period ends, the subscription fee won't be debited from your card. But if you want to bring your subscription back, you won't be able to activate the free trial period again. You will have to pay for the subscription.

Note. If you disable auto-renewal during the three-month trial period, it will be shortened to the current month. For example, if you activated a three-month trial period on January 1 and then disabled auto-renewal on January 18, the trial period will end on January 31.

If you purchased your subscription via Google Play or App Store, you can only disable its auto-renewal in the same store. Read more in Google Play Help and Apple Support Help.

If you purchased your subscription through a mobile carrier, you can disable its auto-renewal in your personal account, using the USSD command, or through your carrier's mobile app. For more information, see the .