Shared playlists

To easily share music with friends and create mixes together, give your friends access to your playlist. Once they gain access, they can add their favorite tracks and podcasts to the playlist.

A shared playlist is stored with created personal playlists (for the user who created it) or with the "liked" playlists (for contributors).

Invite contributors

  1. Open a playlist.
  2. On the playlist page, click , make sure that the option Private playlist is turned off, and select Invite a friend.
  3. Copy the link that is shown and send it to your friends.

When your friends accept the invitation, the shared playlist will appear in their list of favorites.

Note. The invitation must be accepted in the web version of the service.
Tip. If you don't want other Yandex Music users to see your playlist, make it private after all your friends have accepted your invitation.

Configure access

To see who has access to a playlist, click on the playlist page and select Invite a friend. In the window that opens, you can restrict access to the playlist.

Actions with a playlist