Monetary donations from users

Collect donations

The artists represented on Yandex.Music may post a Support button on their site pages in order to collect money from listeners. Users will still be able to access this content for free. Whether or not to make a donation is entirely up to the user.

Users decide what amount they want to donate without exceeding the Yandex.Money payment limits.

To accept user donations, artists must allow Yandex.Music to place a Support button on the appropriate pages. You can use this button to transfer money to the artist's Yandex.Money account.

Post a donation button on Yandex.Music

  1. Make sure that the artist has tracks on Yandex.Music.
  2. Open an account on Yandex.Money.
  3. Link your phone number to your account in order to quickly restore your password if you lose it.
  4. Authenticate your account (send the payment system the account owner's passport data). This is mandatory in order to place a support button on Yandex.Music. That way, users can be sure that they are transferring money directly to the artist's online wallet.
  5. Send the artist's account number and name to Yandex.Music at Make sure to state who you are and indicate your relationship to the artist (for example, if you are a band member, authorized representative, etc.) and attach any scanned documents that prove your identity and connection to the artist.

Let users know that you accept donations

  • Place a button or donation form on your site. You can use the Yandex.Money constructor to create them. You will get prepared code, and will just have to copy and paste into your page.

  • You can announce your fundraiser on your social network page or blog.

How do users transfer money through Yandex.Music

If an artist has a Support button on Yandex.Music, users just have to click it and follow the instructions. Users can choose the most convenient way for them to transfer money. You can read more detailed information in the Support an artist directly article.

Commission for transferring money to an artist's account

The standard commission to transfer funds from one Yandex.Money account to another is 0.5%. This fee also applies to donations to artists on Yandex.Music made from Yandex.Money accounts.

The commission for transfers from bank cards depends on the account currency and the bank that processes the payment. Ask your bank what their commission is.

Withdrawals from Yandex.Money accounts

Select what you want to do with your money:

You can find more detailed information on the Transfers from wallet page.